Demons of the Past

Setting and Background

Setting Info

You are all living in the large town of Mosshill in the Gracefalls Province in the costal kingdom of Sall. Mosshill is a trade hub between the coastal cities and those further inland. Sall is one of the larger kingdoms in the land. Gracefalls is one of the two landlocked provinces of Sall, named for the many beautiful waterfalls and rivers that grace its mountains and hills.

Please come up with a background for your character. Why is he living in Mosshill? Where is he originally from? What are his family and friends like? What does he do for a living? Has he been adventuring before or just living a quite life?

Kingdom and Province Info

Most of the kingdom is Human, particularly those cities on the coast. However, further inland there are forest and mountains in which elves and dwarves and other civilized races live. The elves and dwarves in particular prefer to rule themselves and don’t take kindly when the government tries to enforce its laws on them. But for the most part, Duke Baylen lets them alone, which is what they prefer.

The capital of Gracefall Province is the large city of Purerun. It spans over three rivers which empty into an array of waterfalls beyond the city walls, making for one of the most beautiful cityscapes in the kingdom.


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